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    More than 1000 successful waterproofing projects

    Willfix approach is simple: we treat every basement like our own. It means the best available materials, the highest quality, the guaranteed result, and no overpricing.

    Our team of 15 certified professionals is ready to take on any waterproofing job. From estimation to the final clean-up — we put your comfort first at every step of the way.

    Professional Basement Waterproofing

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    Our expert will arrive to the site, examine your basement, and identify the core problem — not just the visible consequences.

    Choose The Best Technology

    Exterior waterproofing, interior solution, foundation, or crack repair — we’ll help you find the most efficient option.

    Let Our Experts Do The Job

    Each member of our team has over 10 years of experience. We work as fast as possible, with the best quality, and utmost respect for your comfort.

    Enjoy The Guaranteed Result

    No leaks, no increased humidity, no mold, no bad smells, and no problems — or we will come back and fix it for free.

    Exterior Basement Waterproofing

    Exterior basement waterproofing is the way to protect your foundation from the outside. We expose the basement walls, cover them with multiple extra waterproof material layers, and install a new drainage system.

    No water damage — the water just can’t reach the walls;

    Dry and comfortable basement — uninhabitable for mold or insects;

    Increased foundation safety — with every crack sealed in the process.

    Willfix experts use the best available materials, such as AquaBloc membrane, to protect your basement from the water’s degrading effects.

    Interior Basement Waterproofing

    Interior basement waterproofing does not stop water, but channels it away from your foundation walls. The drainage system and the weeping tile are installed inside your basement and sealed with high-quality concrete, so no leaks will ever occur where they shouldn’t.

    No excavation needed — all the works are on the inside of your house;

    Cost-efficient and reliable solution — with the system that you can control;

    Get the results faster with no quality loss — and the same 25 years warranty.

    Depending on your foundation structure, we might need to release the excess water from the hollow walls or install a sump pump. Our experts will offer you the best solution for your case.

    Foundation Repair

    Every foundation has its expiration date. Most of them tend to leak every 10-15 years because of Toronto’s climate and rainfalls. Willfix’s team of professionals can help you identify the issue and eliminate any problems with the foundation’s structure: from foundation crack repair to the toughest cases.

    Sealing the walls and joints — so no cracks lead to leaks and water seepage;

    Increased foundation soundness — the guaranteed result of the repair;

    Only top-quality materials are used — to be proactive and prevent any future problems.

    Foundation repair is vital every 10-15 years. Microcracks are barely notable at first sight but may quickly lead to a dangerous increase in humidity and toxic mold growth.

    Basement crack repair

    Every tiny crack has big potential — and it can grow faster than you expect. In 20 years of experience, the Willfix team has seen all types of basement cracks, from the tiniest to enormous ½ inch slits. We’re ready to offer the best solution to each type of them:

    Foundation crack repair — to ensure that water will never leak through to the inside;

    Concrete crack repair — we’ll fix the problem with commercial-grade hydraulic cement;

    Epoxy crack injection — so the leak is 100% sealed, with no damp basement issues.

    It might be a temporary solution or a sufficient basement crack repair to restore your basement structure's main functions — safely supporting the house and keeping the water out.

    Basement Underpinning

    Lowering the floor of your basement with no loss in structural soundness and no plumbing or waterproofing issues might be a challenging task, but Willfix experts are ready to commit. Our team has a certified engineer to help you with the drawings, all the tech, and necessary permits.

    Increase your property price by adding a fully functional, safe, and dry extra level;

    Make your basement a comfortable place not just to store things, but to live as well;

    Improvement of both the foundation structure and the exterior look of your house.

    Basement underpinning requires more specialized tools, machinery, and skilled work than waterproofing, but the final result is probably the best that can happen to your home.

    Why Willfix?

    In case you’re looking for the best quality for a fair price — the Willfix team is ready to commit and help you with any wet basement issues. We understand that you wouldn’t trust a complete stranger with your basement safety, your family’s health, and your comfort. Here are a few facts about us so we don’t feel like a stranger anymore:

    Certified & Licensed Professionals

    Fully insured and protected for every project

    Free, clear, and written estimates

    We raise the quality grade, not the price tag

    Customer-oriented approach

    We treat every basement like our own

    Wet Basement?

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      In the last 20 years, we performed over a thousand projects all across Toronto. We’re proud of our reputation and always appreciate the kind words from satisfied clients:

      We desperately needed basement waterproofing services when Will Fix stepped in to help. They were very responsive, and their team did an excellent job fixing the problem. Their pricing is very reasonable, and the job done is perfect!
      Alan Gowan
      11:57 23 Sep 23
      WillFix is top-notch! They provide exceptional service, and their pricing is more than fair. Alex's team was reliable and professional, providing excellent recommendations for keeping my basement dry. Thank you for a job well done!
      Randolph Fisher
      06:21 21 Sep 23
      Sump pump and waterproofing done pleasant owner easy to deal with.
      Joan Peters
      13:26 31 Jul 23
      Dmytro and his team are fast, professional and hard working. Injustbone day they where able to dig out 6 feet of soil across our back wall, back fill, put up a membrane and clean up. Great work.
      02:33 21 Jul 23
      Initially, I hesitated to hire Will Fix for concrete works, but I'm so glad I did! It has exceeded my expectations in terms of efficiency and quality. The customer service was also exceptional - they helped me with any questions and ensured I was delighted. I give them a big thumbs-up!👍read more
      Kay Greene
      06:58 26 Jun 23
      Got exaclty what I needed, a concrete pad for a good price in a timely manner... Very professional and great value.
      Dan St-Fernando
      20:51 24 Jun 23
      I needed concrete work done in my home, so I stumbled upon Will Fix when searching the web. They are indeed one of the best concrete contractors in Toronto because they provide top-notch services. They were very professional and knowledgeable, and their work was of the highest quality. Thank you for the excellent service!read more
      Robert Mccoy
      07:46 21 Jun 23
      The leaky basement was driving me crazy. I tried to fix it myself, but water came back every time a new crack appeared! I started to think that I was cursed or something. I gave up and contacted Will Fix. Why the hell didn't I do this before?? They found an underground source of water that messed up my basement and built a unique structure to redirect it. They also performed basement waterproofing. The whole process took less than one month when I tried to fix it for several years... thank you!!read more
      Sophia Edwards
      03:07 11 Jun 23
      My basement was flooded, and I was desperate for help. Will Fix came to my rescue and fixed the problem quickly and efficiently. Their team did an excellent job, and I now have a dry and comfortable basement. Thank you so much!
      Douglas Anders
      10:34 07 Jun 23
      I needed a reliable basement waterproofing contractor to fix the water seeping into my basement. WillFix not only did an excellent job at fixing the leak, but they also provided superb customer service. I highly recommend them!
      Brenda Burgess
      12:57 28 May 23
      Great service and decent price for underpinning. Dmytro is a nice person and knowledgeable in his job.
      19:51 24 May 23
      I noticed mold in my basement and understood that it is due high humidity. I called WillFix and they sent a specialist to check where is the problem for free! He found a leakage and later they repaired it. Goodbye, wet basement!
      Ruth Powell
      04:34 20 Apr 23
      I fastly got an estimate and when I saw it I was amazed at how the price can be so low. I was suspicious but decided to try because I had no extra money and the issue with the leaky basement needed to be resolved asap. What can I say, I'm happy that I trusted them! Will Fix is a truly professional contractor. All preparatory work was made for FREE (from the first call and estimate to the first visit). They did an excellent job and cleaned up after themselves. Highly recommended!read more
      Candace Graves
      12:16 11 Feb 23
      I have only good words to say about Will Fix. We asked them to repair the leaky basement at my mom's house. It was hard for me to drive from me to mom and back, I'm glad that they did it all themselves and kept me posted on any updates. Amazing professionals!read more
      Kerry Robertson
      05:58 29 Jan 23
      Will Fix team completed basement waterproofing at my place last summer. They did a great job fixing a huge crack, but unfortunately, no one could tell why it appeared in the first place. Probably there was a mistake when the foundation was built. Glad that now my basement is bone dry and successfully lasted through winter and will last for years to more
      Emily Moody
      03:46 21 Jan 23
      I started to see a lot of insects in my house despite it wasn't the season. After my 3rd call to extermination company I understood that something was wrong. I read a lot about high humidity in the house and decided to waterproof my basement. WillFix did that for me, the quality and materials are on top. Thanks! Finally no insects!!!read more
      Lisa Obrien
      12:09 12 Nov 22
      I didn't know what basement waterproofing I need, exterior, interior, I'm not an expert. Guys from Will Fix came to my house, carefully examined my place and advised how best to make the basement always dry. It's already the second year, everything is great!read more
      David Payne
      03:22 29 Oct 22
      I recently found out that there is a crack in the foundation of my house. I was stressed and scared. Luckily enough I quickly found Will Fix and called them. The workers who came to help me were incredibly efficient and knowledgeable in resolving my problem in a timely matter. Recommending this company to everyone in more
      Willie Kirksey
      01:43 23 Oct 22
      Will Fix are the best contactors I worked with. They did such a great and hard work for a very reasonable price. After exterior waterproofing they did I'm sure that my basement will be dry for years to come!
      Everett Staley
      10:54 22 Oct 22
      Great service. I applied for a quote and got a phone call extremely fast. The price Will Fix offer for foundation crack repair is more than affordable.
      Sandra Cruz Ojeda
      12:18 17 Oct 22
      Floods are normal in the GTA and unfortunately cracks started to appear in my family's nest basement. WillFix fully justified its name. Workers came in time, explained what they were doing and why. Now I'm sure that my basement will stand through toughest winters.Thank you!!read more
      Jason Merritt
      02:05 12 Oct 22
      We recently bought a house and we were really disappointed to see a wet basement after several days of heavy rain. Our friend recommended to call Will Fix so we did. The crew came fast to examine surroundings and chose the best option of basement waterproofing that will suit our needs and budget. The project we picked was ambitious but guys completed it in 2 weeks! Huge thanks!!read more
      Paul Simmons
      08:56 09 Oct 22
      I have used their services thrice and at three different locations I work on. My clients are appreciating me for quality work. I really recommend their waterproofing solutions.
      Jaime Green
      12:53 07 Oct 22
      When I bought a house I was told that the area is really floody, that's why the price was so nice. After the first winter I decided to waterproof my basement since it was too wet in there. Guys from WillFix were amazing. They did their job fast and more
      Amelie French
      01:53 07 Oct 22
      Great result! Reasonable prices! Called for a quote, received it over the phone and got everything done within 2 weeks! Highly recommend if your basement leaks.
      Tony Ty
      01:14 05 Oct 22
      Got my basement waterproofed with Dmytro and his crew. They gave me the best quote and finished everything on time. Highly recommend!
      Ktrn Klmv
      23:43 04 Oct 22
      Dealt with my basement leakage like it was nothing. These guys are amazing. Highly recommend!
      Michael Carey
      07:48 28 Aug 22
      Even 5 starts aren't enough to describe how I'm pleased with their service! Everyone from a girl on the phone to the guys who came to repair basement leakage are real pros. Thank you!
      Jacob Figueroa
      03:20 25 Aug 22
      My health was almost on edge because of the enourmously high humidity in my house. I started to lose hope but found WillFix. They detected the problem, waterproofed the basement and did their job perfectly. Finally dry and warm home, thanks guys!!!
      John Terrell
      04:16 24 Aug 22
      I was looking for basement leakage repair and hired WillFix because of the quote and timing. They asnwered my call and schedule an appontment on the next day! They're true professionals! All the best to you guys! Thank you
      Justin Stewart
      09:27 14 Aug 22
      Hired WillFix to fix my basement leakage and they did that so quickly! The team was very professional and friendly! Highly recommend!
      Angela Beaty
      07:49 11 Aug 22
      Outstanding company, outstanding work. I would recommend Will Fix anytime. All the workers are professional and courteous from the office to the laborers. We were very impressed and satisfied with all the work we had done.
      Bertha Fisher
      06:01 26 Jun 22
      So glad we found affordable waterproofing! We recently purchased our home and discovered that we had water coming up through the basement floor after heavy rains. Affordable waterproofing gave us the best estimate and plan to waterproof a basement👍read more
      Martine Weber
      04:12 22 Jun 22
      Affordable waterproofing was 5 stars from star to finish! From the sales person, to scheduling, to the gentleman doing the work; everyone was friendly, professional, and on point. I was getting at least 6 inches of water or more every time it rained. Now my basement is completely dry and it feels very comfortable. Thanks a ton Will Fix!read more
      Laurel Jackson
      06:33 18 Jun 22
      Thank you to Dymtro and his team for a job well done! Goodbye wet basement FOREVER.
      Edward Duncan
      07:29 15 Jun 22
      These guys are life/house savers. Our rainy weather has been brutal. We tired of a daily routine of toweling-up/mopping-up basement water.The crew was outstanding, hard-working, considerate of our home, and knowledgeable. All work was done in a day.
      Mike Healey
      04:58 14 Jun 22
      Very knowledgeable and professional service. Highly recommend for any waterproofing or foundation needs.
      Wilma Vanwyk
      05:50 30 May 22
      Friendly, professional, knowledgeable and accommodating. They were able to squeeze me in last minute to look at my basement before it went on the market and took the time to walk me through the preventative measures I could take to prevent future issues. I am so grateful for their service!read more
      Peter Bingham
      05:58 24 May 22
      This AMAZING crew goes under and behind to go above and beyond. No basement job is too complicated for them. Incredibly knowledgeable and professional, kind and courteous. Fast, efficient, affordable. Thanks guys!
      Irene Valle
      05:49 23 May 22
      My wife and I have been living in our home for over 23 years and began noticing a foundation crack during a recent renovation project. A friend recommended Will Fix, and we were pleasantly surprised with the outstanding service we received from Dmytro and his team. The foundation crack repair service we got was 10/10. Thanks guys!read more
      Willie Riggs
      03:00 19 May 22
      Will Fix is the best basement waterproofing company in the GTA! Their experience, knowledge, work ethic and attention to detail cannot be beat.If you are a builder, home owner, or renovator and want a basement waterproofing service, call these guys! You will not be more
      Preston Holmes
      04:04 18 May 22
      Excellent communication, top quality work. Took the time to ask questions about the property, access, area around the cracks, and what would be required to expose enough of the foundation to seal it. They answered any question I had and were very responsive. Very impressed with the quality and most of all the communication. I would recommend them 100%👍read more
      Mitchell Collins
      06:25 16 May 22
      Will Fix basement waterproofing has excellent customer service. The inspector was very knowledgeable, and he listened to all my concerns. They had me schedule and my work done in a timely manner, the installation went very good and the guys who did my install was nice and did a great job. I would recommend them to more
      Dean Mitchell
      02:00 11 May 22
      I have been recommending them to my contacts and friends ever since we used them. Dmytro stands behind his work and is a pleasure to deal with.
      Amelia Miranda
      06:04 23 Mar 22
      Work site was tidied every evening and final job site looked like it had never been disturbed. Would hire again!
      Amy Anderson
      03:24 20 Mar 22
      I've dealt with many contractors over the years and this is the best experience I've ever had! I shopped around and did my research and I found their price to be the most reasonable, not to mention, they used top quality material. The team at Will Fix is very knowledgeable and took the time to explain everything. 5 stars!read more
      William Robertson
      04:04 16 Mar 22
      Will Fix takes pride in ensuring the wet basement repair is done properly and that the clean up is immaculate. THE BEST in the GTA!
      Faye Hunter
      07:41 12 Mar 22
      Not only did Will Fix restore our basement to a dry and comfortable living space, they also restored our confidence and peace of mind. Thank you Dmytro. I would highly recommend his services to anyone.
      Joey Kurtz
      07:06 11 Mar 22
      I recently had a waterproofing basement completed for my new home. Best decision ever, and Dmytro made it a great experience. He is very knowledgeable, courteous and professional. Kept to the estimated price, and did the work in a very timely manner. My family and I are now enjoying a dry basement that we know will last more
      Arlene Watson
      02:51 08 Mar 22

      Why Do You Beed Basement Waterproofing?

      Your basement is NOT WATERPROOF by definition

      Concrete and stone, two of the most common materials for basement walls in the Toronto area, are not water-resistant. Water WILL damage them.

      The water is ALWAYS in the soil

      The surface may look dry, but the liquid is still there. Whether it’s been a snowy winter (as it usually is in Toronto) or just heavy rainfall, the water stays in the soil.

      Hydrostatic pressure will INEVITABLY cause leaks

      It’s a basic physics law. Liquid, forced by pressure and gravity, will move to a less pressurized area below — which is your basement. Even if it means tearing through concrete and stone.

      A Damp Basement Is a Health Hazard

      Increased humidity and darkness are perfect conditions for the growth and development of many potentially dangerous organisms. This is what grows and lives in wet basements:


      A whole spectrum of insects can inhabit your basement if it has excessive moisture and darkness:

      • Earwigs (Dermaptera);
      • Centipedes (Chilopoda);
      • Millipedes (Diplopoda);

      Some insects may spread diseases, and we doubt you’ll feel comfortable sharing a house with them.


      Mold is extremely fast-spreading: it may occur in 24-48 hours in the moist area:

      • Dark-looking brown mold (Stachybotrys);
      • Lighter-looking dry mold (Aspergillus);
      • Black mold (Stachybotrys);

      There’s nothing good about having mold in your house. The spores easily spread throughout the house and can lead to health issues, like allergies or infections.


      “Basement allergy” can be both barely notable and extremely uncomfortable for you:

      • Running nose, sneezing, coughing;
      • Centipedes (Chilopoda);
      • Headache, anaphylaxis, troubled breathing;

      A wet basement can be both a trigger for someone’s allergic reaction and the reason for allergy development.

      Wet Basement Checklist

      Basement leaks are sometimes hard to spot. These are the indirect signs of systemic structural issues with your foundation. Can you notice any of the signs?

      Moldy, unpleasant smell?

      Visible mold in the dark areas?

      Damp spots in the corners or on the floor?

      Unusual insects, like millipedes or pillbugs?

      Visible cracks or slits on the walls or the floor?

      Increased humidity?

      At least 2 answers “YES” mean that you have a risk of basement leak OR already have it. Call Willfix experts to get free professional estimation: +1 (647) 691-4183

      Wet Basement?

      Order FREE Estimation by an Expert!


        Is basement waterproofing worth it?

        The short answer is — yes, it’s worth it. Your main motivation can be different, but we believe that NOT having leaks is the most popular one. A leak, even if it’s a minor one, can cause extreme trouble. The water can damage your belongings, and you never know, what will get damaged: something cheap or that one most expensive item that you have in your basement? Given that Murphy’s law works, we are afraid to even try to predict. Besides, basement waterproofing makes your house a horrible, uninhabitable area for mold and insects. These two hate dry areas with normal humidity, so they won’t ever appear in a properly waterproofed basement. No mold — no allergies and smell — no health issues for you and your family.

        Is basement waterproofing covered by insurance?

        Yes, if it’s done by a certified company. The typical warranty for waterproofing is about 10-15 years, but that’s something that you should ask your waterproofing contractor about. We at Willfix keep our quality high, so our warranty is extended to 25 years.

        Is basement waterproofing necessary?

        In short — yes, but not all homes require it. First of all, if you live somewhere where it never rains, waterproofing your basement is not something that you really need. In addition, basements that are sitting directly on top of the ground don’t need to be waterproofed. These are not even “basements” in the traditional sense.

        In the Toronto area, basement waterproofing IS necessary. It’s not just advice, it would be a fact from the “keeping your house safe and comfortable 101” book if it ever existed. Toronto has snowy winters, frequent rainfalls, even storms. All this water is not going anywhere from the soil around your house. It’s always there to put your basement under pressure. Even the new houses rarely last for over a decade. Proper basement waterproofing in Toronto saves you from otherwise inevitable leaks.

        Is basement waterproofing expensive?

        It can be expensive if you were doing it by yourself and using the cheapest materials from the store. You may save money now, but in the long run — you waste both time and money. The consequences may transpire in 2 or 3 years, but if you’ll see a new leak or a new major crack in your basement — you’ll know that saving on professional help might’ve been a mistake.

        If you are working with Willfix, your basement waterproofing will be done at a reasonable and fair price. We have it all figured out, and we know that using the most advanced commercial-grade materials is the only way to ensure reliability. We know that our reputation is everything to us, so we never settle for anything less than excellent — while keeping the prices fair.

        Does basement waterproofing increase home value?

        Yes, it does. While there’s no hard data to back the numbers, it may add several thousand dollars to the price of your house. It’s defined by simple calculations:

        • The next owner won’t need to do the waterproofing themselves. Otherwise — it would be necessary for them in the next 10-15 years;
        • They will save on heating. Properly waterproofed and sealed basement maintains normal humidity and does not let the temperature change because of the weather;
        • It’s an improvement of the house. A damp, leaky, wet basement would decrease the value of your home. A nice, dry basement — obviously — increases it;
        • With basement underpinning, you turn your basement into a fully-functional extra floor that can serve as a habitable area. It increases the living space of your house, and therefore — increases the price.

        In the majority of cases, you can expect your ROI (return on investment) to be about 30%. Especially when the warranty is tied to the property — not you as the waterproofing client, and it will transfer to the next owner. That’s exactly how it works with WillFix.

        Does basement waterproofing work?

        Yes, basement waterproofing works. It’s a simple physical process of either blocking the water or channeling it away. First waterproofing companies that started to use technologies, similar to the modern ones, began their work over a century ago. Obviously, more primitive means of protecting basements from the water’s degrading effects existed more than 10,000 years ago, but we can’t really consider them effective. In most cases, it just an extra layer of clay or concrete around the basement walls. Modern technologies and materials, such as AquaBloc, are way more effective, reliable, and last longer than the solutions of the past.

        How does basement waterproofing work?

        Basement waterproofing works by keeping the water outside. To keep it simple, we have 2 ways to achieve it:

        • Block the water out;
        • Channel the water away.

        The simplest way to waterproof your basement is by excavating the outer perimeter of your basement walls and covering them with a layer of special waterproof material. It’s called exterior waterproofing (or sometimes external) and it’s the most popular basement waterproofing service solution in Toronto. The water simply won’t be able to make it to your basement walls, and therefore — won’t leak on the inside.

        When excavation is not an option or you have other reasons to channel the water away instead of stopping it — you can order interior basement waterproofing (sometimes called internal, or “water management”). In this solution, the water that makes it to your basement is trapped right on the walls and channeled away with a weeping tile. The drain system that we install on the inner perimeter of your basement redirects the water to the sump pump and discharges it away from your house.

        Another option is not as reliable as the first two but is still popular: it’s called basement cracks repair. The name is self-explanatory. We examine your basement to locate the cracks, even the tiniest ones, and seal them with commercial-grade materials, such as hydraulic cement. It expands in the crack and restores your basement’s integrity, so water can’t get inside through the cracks. It’s more of a troubleshooting job than a real long-term solution, but sometimes — a proper crack repair is all you truly need to get rid of any wet basement issues.

        How long does basement waterproofing last?

        A good basement waterproofing job lasts for at least a couple of decades with no signs of leakage or cracks. We’re sure that our materials and experts are better than just “good”, so we give you a 25 years warranty, meaning that if our waterproofing job will — somehow — last less than that, we’ll come to fix it for free.

        There’s minimal maintenance needed for your basement after our Willfix experts do the job. That’s how strong AquaBloc and other commercial-grade products are. Once a year, we recommend you inspect the walls, the joints (where walls connect with the floor), the areas around your basement windows, and if you opted for interior waterproofing — the weep holes and sump pump discharge.

        Which basement waterproofing system is best?

        There’s no way to choose one. Both interior waterproofing and exterior waterproofing have pros and cons. In terms of cost-efficiency, both systems are equally beneficial. Both are supposed to last over 2 decades if done properly in terms of longevity. The final choice depends on multiple factors:

        • The area around your house (can we excavate the walls from the outside, or not?);
        • The basement condition (does it need repair or cracks fixing?);
        • Your home’s age (if it’s new and has an unfinished basement — the interior solution is almost always the way to go);
        • Your personal preferences (you want to have control of the system with the sump pump or do you want us to cover the walls from the outside and just forget about any wet basement issues?).

        Most of the time, it’s not a question of choosing the best waterproofing system. It’s opting for the one that can be implemented in your unique situation more effectively. And by the way, applying both interior and exterior waterproofing is not uncommon as well.

        What does waterproofing the basement mean?

        Essentially, it means waterproofing your basement. Turning it from a defenseless structure, vulnerable to the groundwater’s degrading effects, into a safe, waterproof, dry area, with zero chances of water leaking to the inside.


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          We treat every basement like our own, regardless of the location, and have a good reputation in multiple communities. So far we are serving these areas:

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