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Any size, any location, any difficulty — our experts are ready to fix the cracks in your basement and make sure that your foundation is stable, sustained, and 100% waterproof.

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    Basement Crack Repair Benefits

    Fixing a basement crack is not the most complicated process, but it requires skill and certain experience if you want to never see the crack again. Rest assured, WillFix basement waterproofing experts have everything to repair your basement professionally.

    No risks to the foundation structure

    Prevent the crack from expanding to ensure the soundness of your basement

    Easy solution to a complex problem

    Cracks may occur for a whole spectrum of reason, but fixing them is always the first step

    Commercial grade materials only

    We use top-quality hydraulic cement and leave the cracks no chances to ever return

    What if you don’t fix a basement crack?

    Both small and large cracks have similar adverse consequences for your health, your house, and your safety. It’s important to repair any basement crack as soon as you notice one.

    Damaged Foundation

    Your home’s foundation keeps your house fixed in place, keeps it stable and firm. A foundation crack is a threat to every aspect of it:

    • Structural integrity — lost and compromised;
    • Visual changes — the “sinking” facade;
    • Dangerous decrease in support for the house weight

    One by one, the problems will occur. From more cracks to cosmetic issues both inside and outside. It's just a question of time.

    Risk of Wet Basement

    Every crack is an invitation and an open door to your basement. Sooner or later, the water from the soil will start leaking through the walls or the floor, with all the consequences:

    • Damp basement with excess water;
    • Uncomfortably increased humidity;
    • Risk of insects and allergy development.

    There’s nothing good about having a wet basement. The more you wait — the worse it gets and the more expensive options you may need to make it dry and comfortable again.

    Health and allergy issues

    A basement crack by itself is not a health hazard, but it’s a sign of a whole spectrum of dangers on their way. If you skip on basement crack repair, it may lead to:

    • Mold growth, including the toxic species;
    • Wet basement allergy development;
    • Aspergillosis due to the mold spores.

    Some of these effects may occur, some may not. We frankly wish you never having to face them. The only way to be sure is to repair all your basement cracks — even the tiniest ones.

    Why Willfix?

    In case you’re looking for the best quality for a fair price — the Willfix team is ready to commit and help you with any wet basement issues. We understand that you wouldn’t trust a complete stranger with your basement safety, your family’s health, and your comfort. Here are a few facts about us so we don’t feel like a stranger anymore:

    Certified & Licensed Professionals

    Fully insured and protected for every project

    Free, clear, and written estimates

    We raise the quality grade, not the price tag

    Customer-oriented approach

    We treat every basement like our own

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      In the last 20 years, we performed over a thousand projects all across Toronto. We’re proud of our reputation and always appreciate the kind words from satisfied clients:

      I was looking for basement leakage repair and hired WillFix because of the quote and timing. They asnwered my call and schedule an appontment on the next day! They're true professionals! All the best to you guys! Thank you
      Justin Stewart
      09:27 14 Aug 22
      Hired WillFix to fix my basement leakage and they did that so quickly! The team was very professional and friendly! Highly recommend!
      Angela Beaty
      07:49 11 Aug 22
      Outstanding company, outstanding work. I would recommend Will Fix anytime. All the workers are professional and courteous from the office to the laborers. We were very impressed and satisfied with all the work we had done.
      Bertha Fisher
      06:01 26 Jun 22
      So glad we found affordable waterproofing! We recently purchased our home and discovered that we had water coming up through the basement floor after heavy rains. Affordable waterproofing gave us the best estimate and plan to waterproof a basementđź‘Ťread more
      Martine Weber
      04:12 22 Jun 22
      Affordable waterproofing was 5 stars from star to finish! From the sales person, to scheduling, to the gentleman doing the work; everyone was friendly, professional, and on point. I was getting at least 6 inches of water or more every time it rained. Now my basement is completely dry and it feels very comfortable. Thanks a ton Will Fix!read more
      Laurel Jackson
      06:33 18 Jun 22
      These guys are life/house savers. Our rainy weather has been brutal. We tired of a daily routine of toweling-up/mopping-up basement water.The crew was outstanding, hard-working, considerate of our home, and knowledgeable. All work was done in a day.
      Mike Healey
      04:58 14 Jun 22
      Very knowledgeable and professional service. Highly recommend for any waterproofing or foundation needs.
      Wilma Vanwyk
      05:50 30 May 22
      Friendly, professional, knowledgeable and accommodating. They were able to squeeze me in last minute to look at my basement before it went on the market and took the time to walk me through the preventative measures I could take to prevent future issues. I am so grateful for their service!read more
      Peter Bingham
      05:58 24 May 22
      This AMAZING crew goes under and behind to go above and beyond. No basement job is too complicated for them. Incredibly knowledgeable and professional, kind and courteous. Fast, efficient, affordable. Thanks guys!
      Irene Valle
      05:49 23 May 22
      My wife and I have been living in our home for over 23 years and began noticing a foundation crack during a recent renovation project. A friend recommended Will Fix, and we were pleasantly surprised with the outstanding service we received from Dmytro and his team. The foundation crack repair service we got was 10/10. Thanks guys!read more
      Willie Riggs
      03:00 19 May 22
      Will Fix is the best basement waterproofing company in the GTA! Their experience, knowledge, work ethic and attention to detail cannot be beat.If you are a builder, home owner, or renovator and want a basement waterproofing service, call these guys! You will not be more
      Preston Holmes
      04:04 18 May 22
      Excellent communication, top quality work. Took the time to ask questions about the property, access, area around the cracks, and what would be required to expose enough of the foundation to seal it. They answered any question I had and were very responsive. Very impressed with the quality and most of all the communication. I would recommend them 100%đź‘Ťread more
      Mitchell Collins
      06:25 16 May 22
      Will Fix basement waterproofing has excellent customer service. The inspector was very knowledgeable, and he listened to all my concerns. They had me schedule and my work done in a timely manner, the installation went very good and the guys who did my install was nice and did a great job. I would recommend them to more
      Dean Mitchell
      02:00 11 May 22
      I have been recommending them to my contacts and friends ever since we used them. Dmytro stands behind his work and is a pleasure to deal with.
      Amelia Miranda
      06:04 23 Mar 22
      Work site was tidied every evening and final job site looked like it had never been disturbed. Would hire again!
      Amy Anderson
      03:24 20 Mar 22
      I've dealt with many contractors over the years and this is the best experience I've ever had! I shopped around and did my research and I found their price to be the most reasonable, not to mention, they used top quality material. The team at Will Fix is very knowledgeable and took the time to explain everything. 5 stars!read more
      William Robertson
      04:04 16 Mar 22
      Will Fix takes pride in ensuring the wet basement repair is done properly and that the clean up is immaculate. THE BEST in the GTA!
      Faye Hunter
      07:41 12 Mar 22
      Not only did Will Fix restore our basement to a dry and comfortable living space, they also restored our confidence and peace of mind. Thank you Dmytro. I would highly recommend his services to anyone.
      Joey Kurtz
      07:06 11 Mar 22
      I recently had a waterproofing basement completed for my new home. Best decision ever, and Dmytro made it a great experience. He is very knowledgeable, courteous and professional. Kept to the estimated price, and did the work in a very timely manner. My family and I are now enjoying a dry basement that we know will last more
      Arlene Watson
      02:51 08 Mar 22

      How Do Basement Cracks Occur?

      In some cases, fixing just one crack might not be enough. Our experts will also help you understand why it appeared in the first place.

      EXTREME weather changes

      Frequent rainfalls and snowy winters fill the soil around your basement with water. It’s never still: it expands, shrinks, and moves constantly.

      CONSTANT hostile environment

      Groundwater movement raises the floor, walls bend under pressure, and the foundation loses durability. There’s no way to escape it.

      It’s NEVER your fault

      It’s an external issue out of your control and some cracks are just inevitable. All you can do is either order a full-scale foundation repair or fix the basement cracks one by one.

      Compromised from the start

      Outdated technologies or something as simple as negligence can cause cracks years and years after the construction ends:

      The materials and the technology are not always made to last more than 10-15 years;

      Badly mixed concrete, poor backfilling quality, or just cheap materials can be the reason for cracks;

      Hollow areas in the basement walls easily fill with water, revealing all the construction team oversights.


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        How We Do It

        With no skills and experience, even a relatively simple basement crack repair can go wrong.

        Willfix professionals know how to do it the right way — in 4 simple steps:

        Locate the core problem

        We identify the real reason behind the crack and try to eliminate it in an efficient and cost-effective way.

        Fix the crack efficiently

        When the only real issue is the crack itself — we fill it with the most suitable material or technology.

        Seal and decorate the area

        We do everything to make sure that your basement looks as good as it used to before the crack.

        Enjoy the guaranteed result

        The crack we repaired will not appear again or start leaking in the next 25 years — or we’ll fix it for free.


        In case you’re looking for the best quality for a fair price — the Willfix team is ready to commit and help you with any wet basement issues. We understand that you wouldn’t trust a complete stranger with your basement safety, your family’s health, and your comfort. Here are a few facts about us so we don’t feel like a stranger anymore:









        Certified & Licensed Professionals

        Our team has all the necessary certification, including a plumbing license and a ​​certified Structural Engineer. We’ll be happy to provide all the documents on demand.

        Fully insured and protected for projects

        We value safety and efficiency above all. You can rest assured that even in the worst cases you’re covered: WSIB certification for your project can always be provided upon request.

        Free, clear, and written estimates

        We stand for our word. Willfix experts will evaluate and estimate the project and give you a written, official registry — so that no extra expenses can ever occur.

        We raise the quality, not the price tag

        We can drain your basement — but not your wallet. You can choose the materials, the technology, and review the whole process. Our job is to make sure you get the best quality for a fair price.

        Customer-oriented approach

        Get the solution that suits your unique case. From crack injections to exterior basement waterproofing — we’ll find and implement the best technology for your unique situation.

        We treat every basement like our own

        We understand the struggles a wet basement or a leak may cause. In all our projects, we aim at the same targets as you do: to solve the problem fast, keep the solution efficient, with the technology you can trust.

        Basement Crack Repair FAQ

        How to fix a crack in the basement yourself?

        Sometimes you may not have time or resources to hire a professional basement crack repair team. Willfix got you covered: here’s a simple step-by-step guide on how to fix a basement crack yourself.

        Cleaning & Patching Cracks in Concrete:The first thing you will need to do is clean the crack or area that has been damaged. You primarily need to clean out all the dust, dirt, and other debris from the crack. If you have a larger piece of concrete missing, you will need to fill it in before proceeding. If there is a lot of cement missing, then mix some concrete by hand, using a bit of water until it is thick enough to fill the gap but still squeezable. Then you should scoop up some of the concrete and pack it into place.

        Waiting for the Patch to Cure: After you have sealed up the crack, you need to wait for it to dry before leaving the basement. Most times, you will be able to wait about an hour or so, depending on how much concrete is missing. After a few hours, if you notice any puddles or water in that area, then do not go into the area because it hasn’t been fully cured yet. Wait at least a day and let it sit overnight before moving on with any other work.

        Caulking and Patching Cracks in Concrete: Once the area around your crack is clean, it is time to start capping it up. You will need to use a caulk or something similar to seal up the crack or hole. This will help to make the area watertight and seal any tiny cracks that may have been left behind. Then you will need to take a tube of caulk or sealant and squeeze it into the crack. Then, using a putty knife, run it over the top and sides of the crack where it meets the concrete.

        Keep in mind that it’s an extremely simplified guide and there’s a pretty significant chance that you’ll run into some unforeseen obstacles or details. Hiring a professional or at least requesting a free estimation is always a better idea than trying to do basement crack repair yourself, especially if it’s your first try at addressing an issue like that.

        Is hiring a professional foundation crack repair company worth it?

        Floor cracks can be unsightly and may allow water or critters into your basement. If the crack is larger than ¾ of an inch or so, you should consider hiring someone to do the work for you. Willfix team can do the job much quicker — and probably more cost-effective, unless you’re a PRO as well — than if you were to do it yourself. We know exactly what steps need to be taken to repair a basement crack. Another reason why hiring a professional is a good idea is because they will have insurance coverage for the repair process.

        There are other potential hazards to consider before moving forward with your repair. If your house was built before 1986, there may be asbestos in the material. If you have floor drains or traps, you should make sure they function before repair so that there is no chance of flooding later.

        How serious is a crack in the basement floor?

        It’s a serious issue even if you have a small crack. It can affect multiple areas of your life:

        • Your budget. Cracks tend to leak, so your belongings that are kept in the basement will get damaged, your house price would decrease, and you — sooner or later — will have to pay way more for a full-scale basement repair;
        • Your health. Cracks with increased humidity and darkness are a perfect place for mold to develop — including the toxic mold and the notorious black mold. Mold spores are known for being a major allergen and are able to cause respiratory diseases, easily spreading from your basement to your ventilation system and all areas of your house;
        • Your comfort. Cracks are not just visually unpleasing, they also make your whole basement vulnerable to leaks. A damp basement would smell bad, would be an uncomfortable place to enter, and most importantly — an unsafe place;
        • Your safety. Basement cracks never occur for no reason. It’s a major red flag that signals about your basement’s structural integrity. If it’s compromised — the whole foundation’s ability to keep hold your phone still and stabilized is in question.

        How to repair a horizontal crack in the basement wall?

        Of course, hiring a reputable basement repair company would be the best choice if you need a guaranteed hassle-free result. However, you can try to do it yourself as well.

        You can use several different methods for horizontal cracks in your basement wall, and one of the most common ways is to use a fiberglass mat. You will need to check on any electrical or gas lines that may be in the way before making your repair.

        To install a fiberglass mat, use a utility knife to cut a piece of fiberglass mat that is wide enough and long enough for your crack. Measure the depth of the crack. If the crack is deeper than 1/16 inch, cut the fiberglass mat into smaller pieces and place them vertically over the crack on both sides. Use a piece of drywall tape to secure the pieces in place. Allow the adhesive to dry before adding additional layers.

        Note that it’s a temporary solution, you can’t expect it to last long. Contact our professional basement crack repair team to get it done in the most effective way possible.

        What is a heaving basement crack?

        A heaving crack is the result of soil moisture effects on your basement structure. Essentially, it’s a long vertical line in your concrete floor.

        It may be caused by a defect in the concrete or by the expansion and contraction of your concrete slab. Heaving cracks are structural deficiencies and don’t happen for no reason. They are a sign that your concrete slab may not be strong enough to support the load of expected use.

        Best Alternatives to Basement Crack Repair

        While it’s an effective way to prevent the future problems and ensure your foundation’s safety, it’s not always the most efficient one. Depending on the case, you might need more — or less — than just a basement crack repair. Willfix team has over 20 years of experience in eliminating all sorts of wet basement issues and we’re ready to help anyway.

        • Exterior Basement Waterproofing
        • Interior Basement Waterproofing
        • Foundation Crack Repair
        • Concrete Crack Repair
        • Epoxy Crack Injection
        • Basement Underpinning

        Exterior (and commonly called “external”) basement waterproofing is the way to protect your basement from the outside, so the water does not make it to the inner side of your basement walls at all. It’s a time-tested and reliable solution that the majority of our clients prefer.

        Exterior basement waterproofing might be a better option when:

        • You have no structures on the outside perimeter of your basement walls and the area can get easily excavated;
        • You want to stop the water from even touching your basement walls by applying all the waterproofing materials around them, not on the inside;
        • You want to increase your home’s price significantly and rest assured that no leaks will ever occur.

        The Willfix team has over 20 years of experience in exterior basement waterproofing and we’re ready to commit.

        Learn More

        Interior (or sometimes called internal) basement waterproofing means that no works take place on the outside of your basement. Instead, the water that will leak from the walls is channeled away from the basement through a complex draining system.

        Interior basement waterproofing might be a better option if

        • You have air conditioning, a beloved flowerbed, expensive stone tiles, or other objects next to your house walls that make exterior excavation difficult and expensive;
        • You want to have better control of the system, with access to all the elements of it from the inside of your basement;
        • You want a more technological and modern system with no loss in quality of your waterproofing.

        Willfix experts are experienced in interior basement waterproofing and we’re ready to commit.

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        Concrete in your basement walls was never made to last for ages and withstand the immense water pressure from the soil. The walls bend and bow, deform and lose the structural soundness. The best way to fix the issue is to repair the damaged area.

        The Willfix team has over 20 years of experience in concrete crack repairs. We know how to do it right:

        • Only top-quality hydraulic cement will be used in the process;
        • Seal the cracks efficiently — with no chances of them appearing again;
        • Restore the original look of your walls so they don’t look repaired at all.

        A concrete crack repair is never the final solution because it doesn’t protect your walls from the groundwater’s degrading effects, but it’s enough to restore your foundation’s original structure.

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        Concrete in your basement walls was never made to last for ages and withstand the immense water pressure from the soil. The walls bend and bow, deform and lose the structural soundness. The best way to fix the issue is to repair the damaged area.

        The Willfix team has over 20 years of experience in concrete crack repairs. We know how to do it right:

        • Only top-quality hydraulic cement will be used in the process;
        • Seal the cracks efficiently — with no chances of them appearing again;
        • Restore the original look of your walls so they don’t look repaired at all.

        A concrete crack repair is never the final solution because it doesn’t protect your walls from the groundwater’s degrading effects, but it’s enough to restore your foundation’s original structure.

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        Epoxy crack injection is the fastest and the least expensive way to fix a crack in your basement. It’s one of the most popular wet basement repair methods, but it won’t work with cracks that already leak — only with the ones that are potentially dangerous.

        Epoxy crack injection is the perfect option for basement repair when:

        • The cracks are tiny and just potentially dangerous;
        • The cracks are relatively wide (under ÂĽ of an inch) but there are few of them;
        • The cracks appeared because of poor construction techniques.

        Willfix professionals use only high-quality epoxy with commercial-grade ports that leave no chances to the tiniest hollow spots in your basement walls.

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        When you need to enlarge your living space or make your basement more comfortable — you need floor lowering, not waterproofing. We have a certified engineer to do the drawings and a team of professionals to help you with basement underpinning.

        Basement underpinning has multiple benefits:

        • Dramatically increase your home living space and value;
        • Easily examine and fix the communications or plumbing to avoid future problems;
        • Turn your crawl space into a fully functional extra floor in your home.

        Willfix has over two decades in lowering basement floors in Toronto. We can add extra 2 feet of height to your basement to make it a truly comfortable and functional area.

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        Willfix experts are familiar with the specifics of the Great Toronto Area and have enough experience to deal with any basement waterproofing job in any city. We know that snowy winters, frequent rainfalls, and groundwater management issues are equally damaging to basements and foundation walls of people in all communities.

        We treat every basement like our own, regardless of the location, and have a good reputation in multiple communities.
        So far we are serving these areas:

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