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Waterproofing, Underpinning & Foundation Services

Willfix is a full-service family owned Construction Company serving the GTA. We strive to provide prompt and expert construction service in any environment. Our team prioritizes customer satisfaction, outstanding performance, and job efficiency.

Remember, there’s no fix, Willfix can’t fix.

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Our Services

Our professional services we provide

services waterproofing


Protect your home from water damage and leaks through the use of a waterproofing membrane, sealants and drain/sump pumps.

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services underpinning


Strengthen the foundation of an existing building or other structure.

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services foundation


Whether you need a new foundation or are repairing an old one, our experts can provide a variety of solutions

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services plumbing

Plumbing & Drain

Our experts can assist you in services such as installation and/or repairing of drains, pipes, and more.

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services other


There’s no fix, Willfix, can’t fix. Read more to see what further services we are more than happy to provide for you.

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